Producing Assets

Salsabil Gas Field (Safed Koh Block)

Salsabil structure is one of the three structures in Safed Koh Block, which is situated in D.G Khan district of Punjab Province, Pakistan. Salsabil field contains multiple reservoirs that include Chiltan, Sembar, Lower Goru, Pab, Lower Ranikot & Dunghan, ranging from Paleocene to Jurassic age.

Commercial production from Salsabil Field (Lower Goru & Shallow reservoirs) commenced in June 2007 from wells i.e. Dewan-1 and Dewan-2 followed by successful drilling & completion of new producer i.e. Dewan-5A in the year 2008.

Regular production from Chiltan Limestone, commenced in January 2010.


Afiband structure lies in Safed Koh block, South of Salsabil Gas field.

An exploratory well Yaqut-1 was drilled in Afiband Structure by re-entering and deepening of old Afiband-1 well. Pursuant to significant hydrocarbon discoveries, thus it was followed by successful testing of Lower Goru & Chiltan reservoirs; the well was completed in Lower Goru in October 2009.

The Chiltan reservoir at Afiband was tested at the rate of 15.6 MMSCFD of gas with 6-7 BBL/MMSCF of condensate. Reserves of Chiltan reservoir are being estimated for further development of Afiband Field.