Dewan Drilling Limited

As a subsidiary of DPL, Dewan Drilling Ltd. (DDL) was formed in 2007 as a service company to provide drilling activities and allied services to the Pakistani E & P sector.

Investment in DDL ensured availability of rigs and allied services to DPL at the Salsabil, Zindapir & Afiband fields and enabled it to meet activity timelines despite low rig availability, remote location and restrictions on foreign staff.

DDL owns & operates two rigs ZJ-30 and ZJ-40 of Chinese make, capable of drilling down to 3,000m & 4,000m respectively. ZJ -30 has drilled 9 wells & 4 workover where as ZJ-40 has drilled 4 deep wells & 2 work overs.

DDL has retained a highly experienced crew maintaining and operating as per international drilling and HSE standards. DDL is committed to provide best services to E & P sector of Pakistan.