Community Services

DPL has initiated several social welfare schemes in and around its blocks. The schemes are carried out in consultation with the local administration and are purely based on the needs of the inhabitants, thus to improve their livelihood.

As a responsible corporate citizen, DPL remains actively engaged in several social welfare activities namely education, supply of drinking water and health care. DPL has also carried out large scale social welfare activities including disaster relief operations during the Kashmir earthquake in the year 2005, Swat IDP crisis in the year 2009 and floods in Pakistan in the year 2011.

Salsabil Social Welfare Projects

Primary School Rodho: DPL built a school at Rodho village to provide the community with basic primary education. To further improve this facility, DPL added additional classrooms backed by recreational facilities. Furthermore, to enhance the safety and security of the school going children, a compound wall was erected.

Medical Dispensary: In 2004 DPL built a medical dispensary to provide free outdoor medical care, along with free medicine. The Project was successfully completed in 2007.

Water Supply Scheme: DPL started a program which provides the local people with fresh and clean drinking water. This gesture by DPL was also offered to adjacent villages.

Mobile Medical Clinic: Within DPL's area of operation, apart from the terrain being difficult, the villages are scattered far and wide, thus to provide medical services is a herculean task. Therefore, DPL operates a Mobile Clinic that reaches people in need at their very door steps.

Other Activities: During the holy month of Ramzan, DPL offers special food packages and gifts for the local community.